Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I must, I must - see a Movie This Week!!

It has been a while - but with study and travel I have not been to the movies, and I have rarely watched one on television.  I MUST have some ME time, so this week I will get to the movies.   I feel I have more freedom now that most of my study is behind me.

While I have not seen a movie, I have continued to read and I have a couple of recommendations.

My granddaughter treasures a book "A Waltz for Matilda" - which is a fabulous story - fiction, but much of it 'linked' with Australian history, of a little girl Matilda.  A.B. Patterson's "Waltzing Matilda" forms a framework of sorts.  In any case it is a brilliant story and fantastic read.  Jackie French, the author is quite a fantastic writer - and she writes good material - and I am in awe of the number books she has written.

Last year I attended an Author's Fair at Maroochydore, and purchased a book "Lonely for My Land", Tales of Karratha Station and the Nor' West, by Tish Lees.  Tish was at the Fair, and I spoke with her, and I purchased the book because my good friend Toby, with whom I did my nursing training with in Mt Gambier Hospital, lived and worked at Karratha.

I gave it to her for Christmas and she read it enthusiastically, and when I went to Perth in January for her graduation from university, she loaned it to me.  I am more than halfway through it - and enjoying it very much.  Tish clearly had a wonderful life - but they were tough times.  Karratha, which is in the Pilbara of WA was a pretty desolate place in the early 1900's, and into the war years, and so close to the action of World War II.  A great read though.

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