Friday, November 8, 2013

Movie - About Time

It is a while since I have seen a movie on the big screen, so after my day went from being organised, to being chaotic I farewelled my last "guest", jumped in the car and headed to Morayfield to see a movie.  I had not been to the theatre there in the huge Morayfield Shopping Complex, and arrived just in time.

Strangely there were only two others in the theatre for the whole movie - quite an odd feeling really.  The movie was About Time, which I had heard good reports on, though confess to not having read a review.

It was a story about a young man, who at 21 years of age, was told by his father that the men of their family had the ability to turn back time.  Though unbelieving when told, he went out and discovered he indeed did have this gift and used it to find a girlfriend, with quite hilarious results, and it did end up happily ever after!

I thought it was a long movie - it felt as it if it was dragging on at one point, though never, despite my fatigue did I feel like closing my eyes., and some I was annoyed by the shaking of the film, as if the camera man/woman had had a bad experience. Towards the end of the film there was quite a bit of shaky filming.

All up I'd give the moving 7/10 - marked down because of the over use of the dreaded "F" word.  I wonder how those who view films as some time in the future will regard this penchant for using this word so frequently.  It really annoys me to hear it so many time.

(There are, as always, some good movies coming up, so I plan to end the "drought" and see a movie more frequently.)


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