Friday, November 18, 2011

Chinese Feminist

I have been reading about the life of famed writer Lu Xun from Shaoxing, and came across mention of Qiu Jin, also of Shaoxing who was famous as China's first feminist. She was born in 1875, had her feet bound as was the custom for women of wealthy families, but later fought against that custom. She did marry, and had two children, but left them to fight for changes in China. She was beheaded when she was about 32 years of age. I have just discovered that there has been a film made about her. I will see if I can find it somewhere.

Read more about her  here and here.  

I think there have been two movies about Qiu Jin released recently.  One is Autumn Gem, which is the one this trailer is about.

I found another video too - which tells about the making of the film.

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