Monday, November 28, 2011

Sounds wonderful - but where do I go?

I read the advertisement for the film "The Orator" in Sunday's paper (yesterday), a nice ad  which announced the name of the movie and in smaller letters it said "The Internationally Acclaimed First Feature Film from Samoa" "Compelling.  Deeply Moving" and then it said "Exceptionally Beautiful" and then the words that have got me a little miffed.  "PG NOW SHOWING"

I quickly trolled through the theatres programs and could find no mention of the movie.  Grrrr.  I'd love to see it but it is not showing anywhere near me - I've checked with all the theatres that I would go to and those a little further away, but no mention of the film.

I eventually discovered that it is showing in the Logan area - probably makes a lot of sense as there are a lot of Pacific Islanders living in that area.

So I will have to wait.....  Hopefully it will move closer to me in the next few weeks.  Meanwhile I have to check with YouTube.

 And here is some info about the making of the film.


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