Saturday, April 21, 2012

A new book - So Far

The advent and now proliferation of e-book readers is making it easier and perhaps more profitable for writers to go in this direction.

It is something that I am looking a bit closer at - as I near the completion point of some of my works.

A friend Thea Biesheuvel, also a member of the Society of Women Writers Qld, has had her collection of short stories published on Smashwords, a site where writers can publish their own work, and sell from that site.  Brilliant idea and I am looking at it closely.

Thea was born in Holland, and when she came to Australia she had little knowledge of English, but since she has gained a brilliant education and her writing is awesome.

Her book called So Far, and is available here.  You can download it to any e-reader, (I have a Kindle and I prefer to use this.)

You can purchase the book here for $3.99 (US)   Click here.

Judi Cox with Thea Biesheuvel


  1. Interesting post Di. I must read your e-books when you get published.

  2. Maybe it will not be long before there is something....