Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lucky Winner

I don't enter many competitions as I find it is a waste of time, and I don't win anything, but a small comp came my way the other day and I sent my details.  It was on-line, and there were 10 double passes to see the movie I had written about "Sunshine and Oranges."   Yesterday an email arrived in the in-box saying 'Congratulations - you have won a double pass to the movie Sunshine and Oranges.  Yipee!!  The tickets will be posted to me.  I am hoping my daughter can attend with me.

Yesterday I met with some friends to organise the next Bayside Women in Business luncheon for mid July.  Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating the new year and it has already almost the middle of the year.  We met at the newly refurbished RSL Club at Wynnum, and there was a bit of a mix up.  One of the ladies had emailed that she could not attend, and for a while there were only 2 of the four of us.  I'd left my phone in the car, and when we were concerned about the the non-attendance of the other, I went to my car and sure enough, there was a message.  Apparently she had arranged to meet the lady who was unable to attend. She suggested we all meet at her house later.  I sent a text message "We have just opened a bottle of wine." and her response was "Don't drink it all, I am coming."

So eventually, a little later than planned, we did have our meeting and our bottle of wine.  Sorted out all things we needed to sort out, nice food, nice venue (maybe our next event will be here), mid afternoon set off on our Friday afternoon tasks.

After some shopping (oh, I didn't buy anything - could not find what I wanted), I went to my daughter's, and eventually she and the girls arrived.

Theirs is a busy house hold - they were late because the girls were at hockey practice, and then later the youngest and her father went to play/watch squash.  The eldest and I had some fun - we read some of the limericks from my book and I tried to teach her how to knit. She is left handed, and I am not, so teaching her is challenging.  I found this video which should help.

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