Monday, May 23, 2011

Movies, Books and Life

I have spent some time in deep thought, endeavouring to consider the right niche for the blog I am going to use for the 31 Day Blog Challenge.  I'm not a movie buff as such, but I do like to go to the Movies, but if any reader expects to read about violent, weird, X-rated movies here, they are in the wrong place.  I believe there is enough violence in the world without going to be 'entertained' by seeing more.  I try to choose my movies wisely, and I do favour Australian movies (more about Australians and movies later!).   I read.  My arms are often weighed down with the pile of Books I buy or borrow from our city council library (for free - although I do pay a small fee for them to hold certain books for me, and I have some overdue fines too!).  I am also an avid Kindle reader - have bought 3 Kindle books this week, and have read one, and in the middle of number two, and I found a book by a writer I know from blogging about China, so I bought that too!

I try to live Life to the fullest.  I am ageing (aren't we all?).  I wonder how much time I have left on this earth, so I try to make the best of every day.

You can read about me in other blogs so I am not going to do much of an introduction, but for those who are visiting one of my blogs for the first time, I will tell you that I am an Australian, born in Adelaide, South Australia before the end of World War II, have a husband, two adult offspring, who are married and each have their own children. We all live in Queensland, Australia.  I've had many careers, but they key ones are (a) I was a nurse - completed my general nursing training in South Australia eons ago, and worked in various positions as a registered nurse and later aged care trainer up unti 2004 (b)  I was a trainer and educator for many years and completed my Ba of Adult and Vocational Teaching at Griffith University in 2002 and (c) I was a gerbera grower/picker for several years in the family business (d) I have been teaching English (ESL) in China and South Korea and Australia since 2008 and (e) I am now a full time student at Swinburne University of Technology doing a Master of Arts (Writing), and I enjoy life.

I have always enjoyed writing.  And I enjoy a challenge, so hope to make some headway for the 31 Day Blog Challenge.

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