Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Blogging

As some of my friends know I have been blogging for a long while - I started originally in 2005 I think, when I went to Ireland and I though it would be a good way to communicate with family and friends back home.  I thought it would be easier than emailing and it was.  I used Typepad which I had to pay for so eventually I found sites where I could blog for free.  Over the years I have been active in a number of blogsites including BlogEvolve (I abandoned that after there was no support from the site owner, Hub Pages (which I still visit occasionally and write an article or two), and various other sites.  I found Blogger easy to use, and rather like Wordpress but I always found that a challenge for some reason.

I've not found that many of my friends (even the writers) have been keen to use blogs though I have taught some the rudiments of blogging, indeed have set some up with Blogger which I think is the easiest for those who have few skills in the IT Department. 

Strangely I have not connected with bloggers in Australia - my readers are more likely to come from US or UK.  I don't know why.

Somehow through Facebook I found the 31 Days Blogging Challenge, which is currently underway having started on June 1st.  There are only a few Aussies listed in the Challenge and from what I have seen they are not as active in the Challenge as they could/should be.

So I went searching to connect with other Bloggers in Australia.  I found a couple of interesting sites.  One is called All for Women and another is Blog Chicks.  I will register with them both, and see what happens.

One of my aims is to make some money from my blogging.  Easier said than done I think.  So I am out to learn all I can.

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